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Important mental health information! 9/23/2020

You WILL NOT be required to switch to the VA if currently being seen by community care for less than a year.

A recent VA e-mail sparked significant concern in the mental health provider community. I reached out to the Directors office at VA Portland and this is their official response. Please do not spread the rumor and help us to disseminate the proper information that this will be by choice only, and not forced on Veterans currently being seen by other organizations.

-William Barker, iVets Executive Director

Good Afternoon,


Regrettably, an employee sent an email to multiple community mental health providers announcing that VA would no longer be authorizing mental health services in the community for Veterans.  This email was not cleared through my office or the office of community care.  This email was  incomplete information and in error and not reflective of our policy.  This has caused a great deal of concern with our community Mental Health partners and other stakeholders who may have seen the email.


To be clear, at this time, we at VA Portland Health Care System will be offering Veterans the option to return to VA Mental Health services for engaging in treatment with our VA providers. This change, if the Veteran chooses, would start once the authorization ends with their current community provider. Changing from their current community provider to a VA provider is not mandatory. We are fortunate now at VAPORHCS to have increased internal capacity to serve Veterans with mental health needs inside our system.  We are grateful to our community Mental Health partners for helping bridge the gap to ensure access to crucial services for the Veterans we serve.


If you hear from Veterans or other constituent groups, please assure them this information was sent out in error and is not correct.  I regret this egregious error and hope it has not caused additional stress during these challenging time.


-Darwin G. Goodspeed, Director, VA Portland Health Care System

COVID-19 Specific Support

Central Oregon Veterans Outreach

During the COVID19 situation Central Oregon Veterans Outreach (COVO) has enhanced resources for Veterans in distress.  Veterans who are homeless, and Veterans who are housed but experiencing financial strain due to employment loss, may be eligible for financial assistance help with emergency housing, rent, utilities, food, phones, and more through our SSVF (Supportive Services for Veteran Families) program. Veterans do not need a medical referral for motel sheltering. If they are eligible for SSVF and are 60 or older and/or have significant underlying health problems, particularly those with weakened immune system or health problems that impact lung function, they are eligible for emergency housing.

COVO also has additional food supplies for those who are homeless or low-income and struggling to keep food on the table, propane and fuel vouchers, camping supplies for those who are still unsheltered, diapers, formula, wipes, TP, and men, women’s and children’s clothing.  COVO also has limited masks and hand sanitizer for those who are homeless, or those who are low-income and need masks to ride the bus.

Any Veteran who is struggling with rent, mortgage, utility payments or is currently living temporarily with friends or family, or is homeless, should be referred to COVO for assistance.  Anything that COVO can’t help a Veteran and their household with we network with many other service providers to find them help.   **Please note:  Veterans DO NOT have to be eligible for VA services to be eligible for SSVF.  Veterans DO NOT have to be eligible for VA services or be homeless to receive COVO services.**  Please refer them to us and we will help them determine what programs they are eligible for.

Contact COVO:  541-383-2793

Email us:  covo@covo-us.org

Veteran confidential referral form, for providers or Veterans:


Contact us on our website: https://covo-us.org/contact-us/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/covosupports

Central Oregon Veteran Current Needs


The La Pine Veterans Outreach is looking for volunteers to drive both locally and to Bend as needed and will reimburse $ 0.50 cents a mile for gas used in helping. Please contact Greg Crumrine at 971-286-0538 to be on a call list for drivers.


Central Oregon Veterans Ranch has farm and greenhouse volunteer and therapeutic activities Monday through Saturday. 541-706-9062 or click below for e-mail.


The DAV needs volunteers to drive Veterans to Portland VA Medical Center and to clinics in Bend for medical appointments. No special license needed, DAV pays for gas & lunch for driver. Contact Paul Dewitt at 541-647-2363 or use the button to email.


HOSPICE OF REDMOND needs veteran volunteers to assist Veterans during their final days.
Call 541-548-7483 or use the button to email.


Partners In Care is looking for Veterans to be part of a VET2VET HOSPICE VOLUNTEER PROGRAM which provides veterans on hospice service with camaraderie, companionship, and more. Contact Ernie Tafalla at 541-749-0492 or use the button to email.


C.O. Veteran Council is looking for help with a web site, Board of Directors, and more. To volunteer or get info contact Wendy Rudy by pushing the button below.

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Central Oregon Veteran Contact Directory

iVets maintains the only comprehensive directory of Veteran contacts for Central Oregon.

When iVets first started it was to help consolidate information into one spot. Our founders have been through the various different processes needed to get VA disability, find Veterans social groups, and seek out treatment for our own service related issues. The directory was born from the frustration that we felt with the status quo of having to literally go to each individual place and build our own little “black book” of contacts so that we could get anything done. There is no reason in the modern age why every single service member who gets out should have to start from scratch when everyone needs the same basic information to get started. So we decided we were going to fix that and the directory was born, it contains information on every single Veterans related organization that we know of in Central Oregon and grows regularly. We check every single organization on the list at least once a year to make sure everything is still accurate and are constantly adding new information as we come across it. We also welcome you to send us any information we seem to be lacking and we will add it to our collection.

Central Oregon Veteran Events

The event tracker has ballooned to the point where it needs it’s own page!

Good news is that it has so much information that it was effecting the speed at which the entire website loaded, bad news is that it was so large it effected the whole website… and so it has been moved to it’s own dedicated page where it will only play with itself as we at iVets refuse to reduce the information we provide in order to increase page speeds. Please be patient while it loads, we promise it’s not frozen, it just takes around 15-30 seconds to finish combing through the ridiculous number of Veterans events & services we keep track of. We are sorry for the inconvenience and are attempting to find a solution without significantly degrading the user experience or amount of information provided.