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VA Combat Veteran specific counselling facility.

The VetCenter is located next to Lava Lanes and across the street from the Bend Police Department.

They would also like people to know that they are taking on new patients during the coronavirus for individual counseling sessions, most of which are being held over video on the internet. If a person does not have the means to participate in online counseling sessions it is possible that the VA will provide an iPad free of charge to help facilitate them. In person meetings are available on a case-by-case basis.

The VetCenter is requiring face masks be worn and is screening for COVID-19 inside the building.

Currently they have these recurring groups available, you will need to contact them for location and time as they are not open to the public and require screening for eligibility…

1. Monday PTSD support, in person.
2. Monday La Pine PTSD, internet videoconference.
3. Wednesday GWOT support, in person.
4. Wednesday PTSD support, in person.
5. Thursday womens group, internet videoconference.
6. Thursday Madras PTSD, internet videoconference.

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HUD-VASH is run from the Bend VA Outpatient Clinic for the Central Oregon region, also the contact for Emergency Transitional Housing Program (90 day temporary housing).

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Large VA medical complex.

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Primary VA medical facility for the Bend area.

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